The Exorcism

A troubled actor begins to unravel while shooting a supernatural horror film, leading his estranged daughter to wonder if he's slipping back into his past addictions or if there's something more sinister at play.

  • Released: 2023-02-23
  • Runtime: 95 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Thrillers
  • Stars: Russell Crowe, Ryan Simpkins, Chloe Bailey, Sam Worthington, David Hyde Pierce, Tracey Bonner, Samantha Mathis, Adam Goldberg, Adrian Pasdar, Josh Warren, Joya Joseph, Hallie Samuels, Scott Rapp, Robert Fortunato, Drew Broderick, Chris TC Edge, Marcenae Lynette, William Hutchings, Jobie James, Zach Padlo
  • Director: Joshua John Miller
  • Maayadah - 4 July 2024
    If the writers of this movie are reading this, I am putting you under citizens arrest.

    On behalf of every horror movie fan on planet earth you need to be locked up somewhere, maybe for good. We just need to keep you away from any movie making devices or writing instruments. Actually we need you to not think or talk, at all.

    You are EVERYTHING wrong with this industry.

    This is literally the definition of a cliché below.

    Cliché noun 1. A phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.

    What I'm trying to say is IT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE! You've copied and pasted every demonic possession movie that has come before you and somehow still did a horrible job. You already have the blueprint, you could take the best bits and improve on them but you've somehow done a worse job!? Were you trying to ruin this opportunity?

    You could gather every writer and creative mind you have which is probably not many, in one room against me and I will write a more original story for you.

    It's so bad. There are no more words. You need to quit. I know you're reading this and I will write a better script with zero experience.

    Horror fans be warned. Don't watch this with the intention of enjoying a horror movie, watch it to see how bad it is. You'll know what I'm talking about.
  • sasquatchdonut - 27 June 2024
    Ridiculously Terrible
    Where the heck do I even start? Maybe I have a bias since I am a Catholic who knows what the rite of exorcism entails in general, but even without that it would still be bad. The development of the possession itself is ok, nothing special. There was a whole useless lesbian subplot though that served absolutely no purpose to the main storyline which is just ridiculous. The exorcism scene itself was so poorly done, it's clear barely any research was done on how it's supposed to go. The whole scene where the priest literally goes up in flames at the end is ridiculous and unnecessary. I will end by saying the film also feeds a negative stereotype about the Catholic Church (the abuse scandal). I want to remind everyone that no matter what this movie makes it out to be like, not every priest is like that.