Passionate about ocean life, a filmmaker sets out to document the harm that humans do to marine species — and uncovers an alarming global conspiracy.

  • Released: 2021-03-24
  • Runtime: 89 minutes
  • Genre: Documentaries
  • Stars: Ali Tabrizi, Sylvia Earle, Richard O'Barry, Paul de Gelder, Lucy Tabrizi, Jonathan Balcombe, George Monbiot, Michael Klaper
  • Director: Ali Tabrizi
  • notareinera - 21 June 2024
    The fish industry is hidden in plain sight
    Seaspiracy exposes how little recycling and plastic contribute to the fish and coral reefs dying. Most of the plastic killing fish is from the fishing gear, in other words the true solution is to stop murdering fish. It is not sustainable to cull their populations, besides the regular fishing there are a ton of people cheating the process and doing it illegally. Lots of practices like fishing exotic animals for their specific parts don't harm the populations as much as them being caught in the bycatch.

    This is I found to be very useful information and it was shocking to hear what lengths people go to hide it. It is just like with slaughterhouses - the fish get denied that they are individuals more so than chickens and cows. People like to pretend that fish doesn't contain meat, but some magical otherworldly substance and that they do not feel pain.

    In some ways I am starting to wonder if it affects people at all to see all those fish in blood pools. It should, that would be empathetic and normal, but I can't help thinking that what you see at the stores looks so similar to all these corpses. Perhaps it is because my relatives would fish and then bring these miserable looking corpses like the ones in the documentary. The cognitive dissonance is so great that we can pierce them with giant hooks and then pull them by their faces into the surface where they suffocate little by little. Even more odd is that we can play this game where we release them back into the ocean just after, because we hook them as a form of entertainment on certain lakes. I wish this played at all those fish selling vendors like an ad against smoking, and even more so I wish fish were recognized as cognizant.

    Fish are individuals, they have lives and are more important for the earth than us (because so far we just destroyed it).

    When it comes to fish their ecosystem is massive and relies on the food chain, even the corals need the fish, the sea levels need the fish, the sea itself needs the fish. I hope this makes people reflect and think about how to make this food chain less violent, but how could we focus on that when we can't stop the slaughterhouses and the fishing practices? We need to stop everything and think about all the solutions, it is pointless to wallow in problems and do a disservice to the animals suffering right now. I don't mean by this that people should neglect themselves and their mental health, no, people need to put themselves first, follow the truth, maintain their mental health. You can't be there for the animals if you destroy yourself first.

    I find the soundtrack, the filming and all the technical stuff a huge improvement from Cowspiracy. It is a gripping, high quality experience and it gives you relevant information, redirects the audience's thinking to more productive spaces. I am excited about watching Christspiracy and I hope it contains just as great information.
  • bivekddevil - 3 September 2022
    Eye opener!
    The whole documentary was an eye opener and I was not aware of the massive destruction commercial fishing was causing. The human greed and corruption behind the whole operation is stupidity at it's best as we seem to be robbing ourselves of a sustainable future. The moment he compared deforestation on land vs the Ocean i was blown away. Feel sorry for where we are headed as species.. personally I'll never be eating sea food ever again. It is indeed scary to think about the future after watching a documentary like this and somehow makes me glad that i won't live long enough to witness that because we are going downhill pretty fast.