The Weekend Away

The Weekend Away

When her best friend vanishes during a girls' trip to Croatia, Beth races to figure out what happened. But each clue yields another unsettling deception.

  • Released: 2022-03-03
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Genre: Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Leighton Meester, Christina Wolfe, Ziad Bakri, Luke Norris, Amar Bukvić, Iva Mihalić, Adrian Pezdirc, Parth Thakerar, Marko Braić, Lujo Kunčević, Parth Thakerar, Siniša Novković, Maro Drobnić, Giobbe Araya, Dragan Balić, Kyla Mae Ibero, Ivana Krizmanić, Nenad Srdelić, Luka Mikulicić, Toma Mikulicić
  • Director: Kim Farrant
  • dk777 - 3 January 2023
    One Of The Worst Movies I've Tried To Watch
    One of the worst movies I've tried to watch.

    The film was shot in Croatia, in Split, a really beautiful environment. Unfortunately, that didn't help the film either, which is a typical product of modern film production.

    The characters are hilarious and unrealistic, especially the taxi driver. The film was shot in Croatia and I was expecting a dose of realism, but in fact there are almost no Croats in the film.

    The police never act like this in Croatia, in the movie the cops don't even ask for the mobile phone of the missing woman, hilariously poorly written movie.

    If this taxi driver had threatened people like this in reality, he would have had a very bad time in Croatia.

    In general, the characters in this film are catastrophically poorly written, and the portrayal of Croatia is hilariously unrealistic.

    One of the worst films, as if it was made by complete amateurs, there is simply nothing good in this film. I couldn't even watch it to the end, it was so bad.

    Total waste of time.
  • rwjohnson - 21 August 2022
    Above average thriller
    I enjoyed this film. It's far from perfect as the continuity errors and goofs demonstrate. Thought the acting and script were believable and the director maintained a decent level of suspense throughout. My issue with the film and without giving anything away is that it's about 15 minutes too long. Anyone who has seen the film will know what I mean. It's here that the film loses it a bit. However still a good watch and worth my while seeing.