The Tinder Swindler

The Tinder Swindler

Posing as a wealthy, jet-setting diamond mogul, an Israeli conman wooed women online then conned them out of millions of dollars. Now some victims plan for payback.

  • Released: 2022-02-02
  • Runtime: 114 minutes
  • Genre: Crime, Documentaries
  • Stars: Cecilie Fjellhøy, Shimon Yehuda Hayut, Pernilla Sjöholm, Ayleen Charlotte, Kristoffer Kumar, Erlend Ofte Arntsen, Natalie Remøe Hansen, Josh King Madrid (JetSet)
  • Director: Felicity Morris
  • Birkyirky - 12 June 2024
    Tinder- a place for Romance
    Well, actually a place for misfits, quick hook ups, dreamers and now schemers! This documentary held true to its narrative and focused on the hopes and dreams of love told by our three lovely participants and how they were deceived by our charismatic, handsome and did i mention RICH protagonist. Now it is hard to feel sorry for these ladies, due to the choices they made. They are all seasoned in the art of internet and everyone knows well of the scammers that overload our phones, emails and personal meetings on a daily basis. Their false sense of love clouded their vision is the defense? Simon did a bad thing yes by his deception, however the women were seeking more than love as well. Simon waved shiny things in front of them and they bit down hard. A little to hard that cost them their future savings. The documentary was like an American Greed episode, but it lacked the other side of the coin. A back ground on our Simon fellow and his past scams, along with the real truth and the fault of these women who had an agenda of their own and expectations that did not include Love at first sight. Greed speaks loud and clear here on both sides. Moral of the story, love doesn't come in the form of money and scammers come in all shapes and sizes.
  • joaosamarques - 22 February 2023
    no brain
    Is this what women do just to show they have a guy?

    Is this what women do just to meet someone who they don´t even know the name?

    Is this what women do to have holidays with someone they just met?

    Is this what women do just to grab a guy? Give him the money he wants just because he says lies?

    Is this what women do just because they don´t have 2 brain cells?

    Like someone said before, they got extremely luck for not geting envolved in another kind of scam like for ex. Human traffic.

    This women got what they were looking, and i think the guy didn´t point a gun at them to get the money. Lol.