The Blind

In the 1960s Deep South, Phil Robertson seeks to conquer the shame of his past, addiction, and complicated family dynamics, ultimately finding redemption in an unlikely place.

  • Released: 2023-09-22
  • Runtime: 105 minutes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Stars: Aaron Dalla Villa, Matthew Erick White, Scarlett Abinante, Aron von Andrian, Amelia Eve, Ronan Carroll, Brasher Russell, Jackson Dean Vincent, Brielle Robillard, Grant Davidson, Connor Beckham
  • Director: Andrew Hyatt
  • calebballpa - 24 March 2024
    From Degeneracy and Tragedy to Abundance
    This is the compelling story of a man who lived to please themselves.

    When man lives to glorify and please themselves they end up desperate, sad and broken.

    This movie is just one example of that. This is a story that has been repeated in history many millions, perhaps billions of time.

    It doesn't stop there. This story also gets into the other side of that, which has also happened many millions of times.. when one stops serving themselves and chooses to serve the one true and living God.

    The outcome to doing so leads to a fulfilling life. Again, this movie shares one true example of this truth.
  • bryantmadeline - 21 November 2023
    Beyound boring
    Started off great. If you have read the books by both; this was a disappointmemt. The actors just dont cut it. It was like watching a cheap C movie at best. They left a load of the story out. I dont understand why it stopped in the 80s? They talked about God but it was more of a backround thing. A few of Phils siblings was missing. Also, timeline seemed off. A bigger production and casting company should have been in charge. It was way way too sugur coated. They didet even really show any of the story about the duck calls. They never explained how Kay made money when he was drinkimh. Just much wrong.