The tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family—every child except one, Mirabel. But when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is in danger, Mirabel decides that she, the only ordinary Madrigal, might just be her exceptional family's last hope.

  • Released: 2021-11-24
  • Runtime: 102 minutes
  • Genre: Adventure, Family, Music
  • Stars: Stephanie Beatriz, María Cecilia Botero, Wilmer Valderrama, Adassa, Diane Guerrero, Mauro Castillo, Angie Cepeda, Jessica Darrow, Rhenzy Feliz, Carolina Gaitán, Ravi Cabot-Conyers, John Leguizamo, Maluma, Alan Tudyk, Olga Merediz, Rose Portillo, Juan Castano, Sarah-Nicole Robles, Hector Elias
  • Director: Byron Howard, Jared Bush, Charise Castro Smith
  • rohanrattanpal - 26 June 2024
    My review desu
    I wrote above 600 words before but it got canceled and now I'm writing again. Give me props for it taking into account my attention span. Let's start. The movie was mid at best, like a 5-6. It was recommended to me by my cousin so that I can watch a movie that has Spanish words in it as I'm learning Spanish currently. So the movie had a good lesson, but not that good of a story. The lesson, most probably was that family > powers. My favorite characters were Bruno and muscle lady. There were way too many songs in it for just a 100 minute movie but I found the Bruno song origin as I heard it somewhere before so i guess its cool. The best scene of the movie was when mirabele told her abuela that she was the one breaking the house and not her. Best line and scene in the entire movie fr. I still don't really like the grandma even after they had their understanding but I guess she had her reasons as she didn't wanna lose her family again. But her way was wrong so yeah. I am copying this entire review this time so i don't have to write it all over again. This was the review, thanks if anyone read which I doubt.
  • lucybrooke-78197 - 8 February 2024
    Fantastic film for a wide audience
    Brilliant film with lots of outstanding visuals. Great watch for both sound and visuals and a great storyline. Alike most Disney movies it portrays self development perfectly in every character while also showing great cultural acknowledgment and education on different cultural backgrounds. I'm sure Encanto will be rewatched and loved by many

    Favourite Character- Mirabel Madrigal Favourite scene- Mirabel finding Bruno in the house Should there be a sequel? - yes, there is room for a sequel to Encanto but I don't see it being a follow on from the first but I'm sure the Disney audience would love to see a 2nd film with the same loveable characters in.