Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Puss in Boots discovers that his passion for adventure has taken its toll: He has burned through eight of his nine lives, leaving him with only one life left. Puss sets out on an epic journey to find the mythical Last Wish and restore his nine lives.

  • Released: 2022-09-23
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
  • Stars: Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Harvey GuillĂ©n, Florence Pugh, John Mulaney, Olivia Colman, Ray Winstone, Samson Kayo, Wagner Moura, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Anthony Mendez
  • Director: Joel Crawford, Chris Miller
  • dev-null-7 - 30 June 2024
    Better than most, short of perfect
    I'm quite conflicted about this movie. Without spoiling too much, it's clear that it deals in facing one's own mortality in tandem with one's hopes and dreams vs. One's actual circumstances. And that it tackles these themes at all (in a quite entertaining AND funny way, may I add) already elevates this title far above the generic feel-good (or worse, mindless action-driven) fare we get so much of these days. So, you know, kudos for that, slow clap, or whatever floats your boat. Consider me duly impressed, because I AM.

    Then again, there's the root of the problem: the general idea being happiness IS within reach - just as long as you surrender any dreams (or in this case, "wishes") you may have had, and acknowledging that whatever it is you have is pretty much going to be as good as it gets. On the one hand, this is really nice advice, for anyone who might remain blind at the good things in their life they already have. Appreciating that is definitely something we all need more of, one way or another. On the other hand, the message conveyed also implies that the price of this happiness is giving up any dreams you may have had, so that you can properly appreciate whatever it is that you DO have. Puss in Boots and Goldilocks both have happiness within their reach - but its price is to give up whatever they were wishing for before they decided to grab it. Pursuing which might well have lead them both to solitude and ruin - but the sacrifice of which is still very much a sacrifice of whatever they COULD have had, been, or achieved. If "realistically, you'll never be an astronaut, but you can be a very, very good baker" sounds good to you, then you'll love this. Otherwise, you might - might - feel pretty seriously short-changed...
  • jdevilliers-43224 - 29 March 2024
    This film is fantastic in every way. The animation is beautiful, the comedy is spectacular and the movie is scary, funny, sad and exciting at the same time.

    All the characters are so fun and unique. Everyone is giving it their all and it is incredible.

    There are a lot of cameos from other character out of the Shrek franchise that are very fun to see on the big screen again.

    There are great surprises sprinkled throughout that will excite and entertain you.

    Last but not least this film has a surprising amount of dark moments and a wolf character that will maybe scare you.

    Overall the movie is awesome .

    If you want a movie for the whole family to watch and enjoy in the theater then this one is perfect.