The Hill

The story of Rickey Hill, who overcomes his physical disability and repairs his relationship with his father in a quest to become a major league baseball (MLB) player.

  • Released: 2023-08-18
  • Runtime: 126 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, History
  • Stars: Dennis Quaid, Scott Glenn, Bonnie Bedelia, Joelle Carter, Colin Ford, Adrian Eppley, Mila Harris, Wilbur Fitzgerald, James Devoti, Mark Rowe, Monica Louwerens, Jesse Berry
  • Director: Jeff Celentano
  • erzincano - 10 June 2024
    Boring movie
    Almost 2 hours waisted. I'm so into movies which are based on a true story, but this one is only about religion, it has nothing to do with his story, thats only been used just to make some religious movie. I don't mind as someone who doesn't believe in religion that movie makers use a little bit, but this was for almost 2 hours long, every conversation is about relegion. So unless your really religious don't waiste your time watching this one, you'll regret it.

    Should have read the reviews first, making it a true story made me whatch it but bro, there are so funny stupid moments in the movie that was showed as a miracle what made me shake my head and laugh...
  • bobgoldenster - 9 February 2024
    Waltons Mountain only sappier
    If you know absolutely nothing about baseball, biology, parenting or reality, this is your two hour sermon. Somewhere a film maker with too much money to spend spliced together the most moralizing film possible. Every scene contains lectures and sappy, poetic virtue signaling to and from every broken character. Dennis Quaids role is so painful to watch you think he's going to laugh at the end and say "April Fools Day - just kidding". The "baseball" story makes The Natural seem humble-- this is far worse. Nobodyvliterate can watch this without humor. It's perfect for a drinking game -- take a shot during each sermon.

    You won't be driving for weeks.