The Devil Conspiracy

The Devil Conspiracy

The hottest biotech company in the world has discovered they can clone history’s most influential people from the dead. Now, they are auctioning clones of Michelangelo, Galileo, Vivaldi, and others for tens of millions of dollars to the world’s ultra-rich. But when they steal the Shroud of Turin and clone the DNA of Jesus Christ, all hell breaks loose.

  • Released: 2023-01-13
  • Runtime: 105 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Thrillers
  • Stars: Peter Mensah, Victoria Chilap, Alice Orr-Ewing, Eveline Hall, Spencer Wilding, Wendy Rosas, Natalia Germani, Pavel Kříž, Brian Caspe, Jiří Valeš
  • Director: Nathan Frankowski
  • jessicaspan - 26 May 2024
    Waste of time.
    Ugh! Why do they make this kind of stuff? Disappointing waste of time with many eyeball rolling moments.

    1. It drags along forever.

    2. Weak depicted storyline.

    3. Poor acting.

    4. Predictable.

    I'm all in for different movie with non A list actors because they tend to be very amusing. I was hoping for a refreshing horror and devilish movie like Constantine for example, but instead got a weak flick full of sigh moments.

    The idea of the story is isn't bad, they could have made much more out of it, unfortunately the way it is told sucks.

    Anyway enough whining and long story short. Don't watch it.
  • lilyandpapyrus - 5 September 2023
    A solid 6.5
    This movie isn't a bad as some have said though I can see the weaknesses in it.

    It started fairly strongly but suffered a bit in the middle which didn't quite give the momentum needed for a strong finish.

    Also, for my tastes, it needed far more Peter Mensah. The most interesting parts of the movie for me, the parts I found the strongest, were those between Mensah as the Archangel Michael and Fallen Angel Lucifer. Lucifer was weakened here. His plan a little silly but it was the reliance on a convoluted devilish plan which lost a chance at to set up an opportunity for a visually stunning epic battle between the two angels.

    But my criticisms aside, this movie is stronger than the ratings suggests. If so inclined and willing to risk the overly long runtime (I'd say this should be a 90 minute movie tops) it has some strong ideas and is rewarding visually. Just needs more Mensah.